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This is my first critique, so bear with me here:

The ideas behind this plugin are well understood: use as little resources as possible, and not require more stuff, & also make a more reliable connection. For people that use other dAmn addons will have Greasemonkey, but why do we need flash running all the time? or need plugins that are browser specific? Not quite, anymore, thanks to this.

This plugin also closes a gap between browsers, such Firefox-specific
dAmn XPCOM that is somewhat unreliable, and flaky flash out of the equation, eliminating the dreaded [Flash timeout] on both Chrome, Firefox & Safari, and instead replaces it with a simple userscript that can be used in Chrome using TamperMonkey and Firefox using Greasemonkey. It even connects faster. Multiple browsers, one stone. one solution.

This also seals a gap with alternative operating systems that Firefox & Chrome can run on, such as Android, Linux & Unix, where flash may not be available/installed, allowing those users to access the dAmn network.

This plugin has succeeded at a lot of bridging the gap between user and dAmn, and does it well in a lot of places. With the proper care & maintenance, this will be usable & relevant for a long time to come.
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